Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Students work with archival materials for History 213

Professor Lasser (left) and Ken Grossi (right) presenting in the Archives and Special Collections Forsythe classroom, 4th floor Mudd Center.

Students in First Wave Feminisms examine historical materials for their project.

In Spring semester 2013, Carol Lasser, Professor of History, and Ken Grossi, Oberlin College Archivist, developed a research project for students in History 213, First Wave American Feminism. The students worked in teams to collectively write an introductory essay, and each individual transcribed, introduced and annotated a single historical document. The results were astounding, both in terms of the quality of the projects, and in the engagement of students with the work. Professor Lasser encouraged her students to document their achievement by making their materials, often drawn from little-used collections, more broadly available to a wider world via the Archives website. Lasser and Jennifer Graham (OC 2013), Associate Editor, reviewed and edited the student projects that are now available at